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Pismo zahvale g. Samirju Amarinu in g. Aliju Muradu

Ljubljana, Slovenija, 23. 3. 2023
Objavljamo pismo zahvale, ki ga je gospa Andreja T. napisala za g. Samir Amarinu in g. Ali Muradu za njuno neizmerno predanost in pomoč tekom njene težke poškodbe v Jordaniji. 
Ponosni smo, da imam v naši družbi tako poslanstvu predane častne konzule.

To whom it may concern,

I wish to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to Mr Samir Amarin (Jordanian Honorary Consulate General in Slovenia) and Mr Ali Murad (Slovenian Honorary Consulate General in Jordan) for their selfless support during my medical emergency in Jordan.

What happened? I was on vacation in Jordan where I slipped from »The bridge« in Wadi Rum and severely injured my spine. Although I still cannot remember everything that happened, I do recall with pleasure and gratitude the attentive and constant contactwith Mr Samir Amarin and Mr Ali Murad. My words cannot fully express my appreciation for their dedication and efforts, which are exemplary. This is something I will forever cherish and be grateful for.

Furthermore, I wish to express my greatest respect towards Mr Amarin and Mr Murad efforts to making my stay at the hospital and my journey back home to Slovenia as smooth as possible. I will never forget their support and will always appreciate their selfless support and goodwill. Due to this I developed the strength and the belief that I will recover successfully. And looking at the progress so far I'm defintaley on the right path to full recovery.

With warm regards,

A. T.